The OM Home is a collaboration between Uta and Troy. We are two curiously passionate souls who found ourselves on a lifelong spiritual journey together. Through each other’s guiding influence we have been able to dedicate our lives to uncovering the secrets of the world around us and sharing it with those we love.

Initially started as a joke, theOMhome was a play on the letters of our last names. We soon discovered that our friends and family found peace and tranquility in our actual home! People would tell us how refreshed they felt after leaving our apartment and how deeply soothing it was to be just sitting on our floor, hanging out. It was then that we knew we had built something special. Since then it is has been our mission to provide this environment to anyone in need of refuge and a deep sense of healing. So we have taken our home from the physical world into the virtual world to share that with you.

From blogs and recipes to books that we are reading, we invite you to join these activities and get on board with the journey, because you’re either flowing with the current or fighting against it. We have found it is better to close your eyes, listen to your heart, and enjoy the ride.

Welcome hOMe.

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