Eating Out: Ayurvedic Deli in Berlin


After our last visit to Berlin, Troy found out about the ayurvedic deli Dabbawalla in Berlin Schöneberg. Today I had a delicious meal there. My friend and I shared a most delicious red lentil soup and their Thali of the day. A Thali is an Indian meal served on a round platter and comprised of a selection of dishes. Ayurvedic thought is to offer a balanced variety of all the different flavors in one meal: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy. Today’s meal was made up of millet with amaranth, mixed veggies with leek, Dal with yellow lentils, grape/apple chutney, red pepper chutney, hemp seed raita, a light salad and bread. Very tasty, very healthy, and definitely worth a visit while in Berlin.

Yum, Uta