A Time to Retreat

With the holiday season quickly coming to a close it’s probable that many of us are feeling worked. It seems that all around me there’s a mounting energy waiting to burst at the stroke of midnight New Years eve, when the entire world will collectively breathe a sigh of relief as 2016 rings in and grants us a few brief moments of respite.

This season can certainly feel like a battle at times. Behind the pressure to be happy, grateful, joyous or celebratory, the last few weeks of the year triggers some deep suffering for many people. It’s in these times that our practice is so important. But if your life even mildly resembles mine, you’ve definitely had to surrender to daily duties and skip practice on several occasions. So how do we come out victorious on the other end of this? Retreat. Retreat deep into your own experience and discover the true resilience of your soul.

Troy Samakonasana

The Bheemashakti Yoga School has two upcoming events on the calendar that can help to go deep into your practice, both with a slightly different flavor:

On January 2, 2016 we are hosting a 21 Day New Year Transformation, an intensive program that will help to stoke the fire of practice and clear out the stagnation of the holidays. It includes 2 hours of yoga daily, combining pranayama, meditation, and physical practice. This rhythm can help to generate some deep transformative benefits in addition to solidifying a strong habit.

Additionally we look forward to our annual Spring Detox on the North shore of Kauai from April 23-30. Over the course of this eight day, seven night retreat, we will dive deep into twice daily Bheemashakti Yoga practice and tap into the ancient magic of the Hawaiian islands.

Both of these opportunities are a great way to reset your year and get into some healthy rhythms, but if you’re not able to get away don’t worry! Daily practice is king and even small improvements on a consistent basis will make great changes. You just have to be ready to redirect your attention and find that the battle is not something you can conquer outside of yourself, it’s something you win on the inside.




Yoga Ventures in Kauai 


Uta & Troy with Taro Fields

Who wouldn’t want to spend a week in Hawaii? Not only did we visit one of the most beautiful islands of this world, we got to share the experience with a lovely group of people who came together for a week of yoga practice twice daily. Our friend Nicole spoiled us with her excellent vegan and vegetarian cooking skills. Check out her website Blissfully Conscious if you are looking for delicious vegan catering.



Afternoon yoga practice with Angela

In his post Steady Rhythm, Deep Roots, Troy gave some insights into the routine of the retreat. Mornings and afternoons were filled with bheemashakti yoga and practice and meditation. During the days we had some time to explore the island. Kauai’s nature is breathtaking. Frequent rainfalls create a lush vegetation – and magical rainbows…

Since Hawaii is Troy’s birthplace, it was extra special to explore the island with him. He introduced me to delicious local foods and a visit to the Kauai Museum revealed some fascinating stories of Hawaiian history and culture.



Uta, Ganesha & Troy in the Rudraksha Forest

The highlight of our excursions was a trip to the local Hindu monastery. We attended their Shiva Puja on the full moon. As Troy and I were sitting in meditation after the ceremony, the temple priest walked up to us and engaged us in an inspiring and insightful conversation about yoga and spirituality. We left with our hearts open and our eyes sparkling. On our way back to the retreat site, we paid a visit to the Rudraksha Forest. The seeds of these trees are auspicious in Hindu tradition. It is said the Rudraksha tree grew from a tear of Lord Shiva, and the beads are now used in malas (108 beads) for japa meditation (recitation of mantra or names of deities).

It was obvious – this won’t be our last visit to the islands. Message us, if you want to join one of our upcoming retreats to Hawaii!

Mahalo, Uta & Troy

Yoga Retreat auf Kauai, Hawaii

Frühjahrsputz für Körper und Geist? Kommt mit uns nach Kauai, eine der malerischen Inseln Hawaiis. Vom 1. bis 8. März haben wir dort die Möglichkeit, uns der Yogapraxis, Meditation und Pranayama zu widmen. In einem privaten Anwesen und mit eigenem Koch, werden wir die acht Tage nutzen, um intensiv zu praktizieren. Der Morgen wird mit einer Stunde Ashtanga Pranayama und Meditation beginnen, gefolgt von zwei Stunden Praxis in den sieben Dimensionen des Körpers. Nach einem pflanzenbasiertem, makrobiotischem Frühstück, habt ihr Zeit zu ruhen, in euch zu gehen, oder die Insel zu erkunden. Am Nachmittag findet die zweite Sitzung Pranayama und Meditation mit anschliessender Asanapraxis statt. Eine weitere makrobiotische Mahlzeit bringt den Tag zum Ausklang. Diese Praxissequenz wurde entwickelt, um den Schüler durch Wiederholung auf ein tieferes Verständnis seiner Yogapraxis vorzubereiten. Jonathan Patriarca, Lehrer und Mentor der beiden Kursleiter Troy und Angela, sagte “man kann eine Erfahrung haben” – was nach seiner Auffassung die stärkste Form von Weisheit ist.

Durch dieses Frühjahrsritual kannst du dir die Grundbausteine für eine konsistente Praxis zu legen. Kommt mit uns ins Paradies und findet Inspiration für eure Praxis.

Details findet ihr hier:

Bheemashakti Yoga Kauai 2015 retreat.

Bheemashakti Yoga Kauai 2015 retreat.

Zur Anmeldung oder für Fragen, schreibt an info@theomhome.com

Alles Liebe, Uta