Uta 5.0 released



California Vipassana Center North Fork

Some bugs are fixed, processor upgraded, memory improved. I have just come out with an upgrade. Over the last ten days I spent most of my waking hours in a dark cell just about the size of a yoga mat, practicing meditation. Some of my friends call me crazy and wonder why I do it. This was my fifth course over the last two years and I have observed a big change in my life since I started practicing Vipassana. Although I have always been of a calm nature, I feel even calmer, less reactive, more at peace. Every day. After each course, I feel like I have shed tons of baggage that I didn’t even know I was carrying. Everything becomes clearer. The mind is more focused and works at 200 percent.

The fact that there is no communication with anyone, no contact to the outside world, no reading, no phones, meditation from 4:30 am to 9 pm and no meals after noon make most people believe, they could not do it. But these rules are set up to aid the concentration and are actually easy to follow, compared to the internal work one does. Our mind is a beast and it takes tremendous effort to tame it. In a way, the courses are like bootcamp for the mind. An effort, to tame the beast. Want to know more, where to do it, how to prepare? Send me an email to info@theomhome.com or comment below.

North Fork Pagoda

Pagoda with meditation cells

Love, Uta


    1. Querida! Que bueno! I will tell you all about it. These courses happen all the time, they are donation based and the closest location to San Diego is near Joshua Tree. Courses are usually full and so it is good to be aware when they open up for registration and to sign up months in advance.
      It’s hard work, people usually say “enjoy your retreat” or “have fun”, but in reality, it’s more like normal life is the retreat and then the Vipassana is when we work. But I know you would be up for the challenge 😉 Let’s talk about it and I can help you get signed up ❤


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